40,000th JAGUAR rolls off the production line

40,000th JAGUAR rolls off the production line

Innovative solutions and outstanding efficiency have defined the JAGUAR success story over the course of four decades. The latest example: a Gold Innovation Award for the JAGUAR TERRA TRAC at the SIMA agribusiness show in Paris.

Debut in 1973, first guidance system in 1976

The rapid increase in maize cultivation at the end of the 1960s called for ever more productive harvesting technology while attached implements and trailed units were reaching their performance limits. CLAAS was quick to recognise the potential of this segment and, in June 1973, started manufacturing a high-performance self-propelled forage harvester, the JAGUAR 60 SF. This was followed just three years later, in 1976, by the JAGUAR 80 SF with a number of significant enhancements: the ability to separate the chopping cylinder and the intake roller, a discharge blower and an automatic guidance system. Following the expansion of the range to include the JAGUAR 70 SF, the next generation comprising four models was introduced in 1983. With sales of more than 7,000 units, the JAGUAR 690, 680, 685 and 675 made CLAAS the market leader in Europe. Five years later, the line-up had been extended to comprise six models with engine outputs between 354 hp and 215 hp.